How many trades do you take per month?

This differs a lot from month to month but say 2-4 a week so 8-16 trades per month.

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I’ve ran a 30 day trial and didn’t get any signals at all, why?

If you did not receive any signals (copied or telegram), it is because we simply did not take any trades during that time period.

If this happen to you, please write to us and we will come up with a solution for you. Either a coupon code, extended trial period or something like that.

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What is telegram trading signals and how do I use them?

Forex Trading Signals is a suggestion for buying or selling currencies in the forex market made by a experienced trader. In other words, Forex Trading Signals is basically a way for traders who either lack time or knowledge to scan the markets for trades all day to find trades without doing anything.

We do have a guide available for you on how to use our signals most effectively.

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Why don’t you trade and make money yourself with your system instead of selling signals?

To be honest, I didn’t have the needed capital myself to live of it and I also felt that regular trading wasn’t enough for me, I wanted something more. So this signal service was a great compromise. I can live of what I am interested in and also what am I quite good at, just like regular trading. But the difference here is that I can also help others with the same problems I had only a few year ago at the same time. Best of all, no one loses on this compromise of mine. You, my clients, make more money and so do I.

“But couldn’t you just wait a few months and then have the funds needed to live of it?”

Of Course I could, but this service doesn’t required much more time than regular trading so I thought, why would I not want to make more money doing the same amount of work?

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