About Us

OhlsenTrading’s founder Ante Ohlsén

Ante is a swedish forex day trader and he founded this website (there of the name OhlsenTrading). Ante has about 4-5 years of trading experience in different securities. For example in stock, bonds, mutual funds but above all, in the forex market where about 2-3 of the 4-5 years were spent.

My Story – Ante Ohlsén

The Beginning

It all started back in 2016 when I got my hands on some stock funds after my dad who himself has invested in stocks from many many years introduced me to it. At first I traded based on fundamentals(FA), just like my father, and not based technical analysis(TA) like I do now. A few months in to my trading career I fugured out that what I actually wanted was fast trading and not holding on to stocks for years. This made me try to find a tool for day trading stocks. I found a few but they either to expensive or not accessible for me for different reasons. After searching around for a while I found a platform called MetaTrader 4, or so called MT4.

The Start Of My forex Trading Career

After finding this I rather quickly found out that the platform was made for something called forex trading, and not stocks. This made me do a google search to find out what that was. The things I read about this made me question my whole stock trading career, (not that I had been around for that long, but you get the point). The first thing I read about forex trading were things like this:

  • Very high risk..
  • 87.74% of retail investor accounts lose money…

This made me super excited and I ran down from my room to my father’s home office and asked him if he could help me set up an account with one of the forex brokers so that i would be able to trade currencies. At first glance he thought that it would be an better idea to stick to the stocks, but after awhile of discussions he helped me set up the account. After the account was created and after we had deposited money into the account, I started trading immediately. I was determined to succeed as a forex trader, no matter what it took. With my experience from the stocks I went in to the forex market with the self-confidence of a Spartan soldier, and expected a walk in the park experience. Well, I got completely crushed. -21.15% in my first month as a trader. It was a complete disaster.

I was just like everyone else

After this blow I went in even harder, to revenge the market and get my losses back, and as you can expect, I lost even more money. -41,5% in 2 months. After this I continued to make the misstakes of a beginner in the forex market. I did not stick to a fixed risk procentage, I risked too much every trade, I change strategy as often as I changed my clothes and so on.

I Wanted To Learn

After a couple more months and after wasting a bunch of more dollars I finally came to the decision to take help from someone who already was a successful trader. Of course I had watched youtube videos and such before, I was not that stupid, but still. So I took help from a real professional, Adam Khoo. Adam is if you ask me, one of the greatest traders alive. Zero emotions while trading, successful strategies and a great teacher. He changed my life completely, and I would not be where I am today if he had not helped me.

Becoming Profitable

After getting the help I knew what I had to learn in order to become a profitable. After Adam’s help I had a strategy, I knew how to manage risk, but there was a vital part of every trading system that mine lacked. I did not have the mindset of a profitable trader. I cannot even describe what I went thru to get the correct mindset. Here are some of the hard things of getting a correct mindset in trading:

  • Very individual what work and not
  • You can be taught what to do, but not how to do it
  • You have to abandon everything you know of finance and also some of your beliefs
  • You do not know if you are doing it right until you have failed
    • Meaning that you will not ever know if you are doing it right until you fail because after failing you know that you did it wrong, if that makes sense

In other words, to become a profitable trader you need to have a very special mindset that only a handful of people achieve.

The Comeback

After mastering my own mind to act without emotions, to think longterm based on statistics and so on I was finally ready to trade successfully. My first month was a losing one, but I kept trading beacuse I knew that the winning streaks and losing streaks will eventually even out. The next month I got a little profit. The month after that I got my first month of great profits. I got 5,2% gain based on a risk of 1% in one month. Ever since that month I have continued to trade currencies and improving my trading system but also taking home great profits from the forex market. Some months losing and some winning but in the end I always make profits from my trading.

Ante Ohlsén